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Trademark Process


Before falling in love with your new trademark, there are a few concepts you must understand when it comes to choosing a trademark. There is the practical business decision you must come to but there is also legal ramifications that must also be taken into consideration. Contact us at the onset. We can steer you in the proper direction regarding the entire process of trademark law, including a wise decision of the name. 


There are two different ways of filing for a trademark: whether it's in use now (actual use 1a application) or will be in the near future (intent to use 1b application). If you are filing a 1b application, you must continue to file extension requests every six (6) months calculated from the date the Notice of Allowance was issued until a Statement of Use is filed, or the USPTO will hold the application abandoned. You can  only request a total of five (5) extensions of time. Applicant may NOT file a Statement of Use more than thirty-six (36) months from the date the Notice of Allowance was issued.

What you will need

To file a 1a application, you must provide proof of use such as drawings and/or a specimen. Our team will help guide you with this step-by-step.

Below, we are including a short form for submission to us. This will allow you to have us check a name for you to make sure it works and it's not taken.

Trademark Name to Check

Complete this form and submit it. We will check to see if the name(s) is available and contact you. Enter any comments you wish to make in the comments section.

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