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Wills & Trusts/Probate

What is a Will?

It’s a signed and witnessed document wherein you specify how your property gets distributed at the time of your death. You may revoke or amend it at any time during their lifetime. If needed, you may also appoint a guardian for minor children within this document. With a Will, courts are generally involved. (See Probate below)

What is a Living Trust?

This is a more complex document than the Will. A living trust provides for management of your property during your lifetime and after your death. Typically, the trust instrument will provide for a successor upon your death or incapacity. One of the great things about a living trust is that court involvement is not required. Because of this, the expense and publicity of court-supervised distribution of your estate may be avoided.

What is Probate?

This is a legal course of action that requires the court’s invention and overseeing of a decedent’s estate if they passed away with or without a will. If you have a trust, probate may be avoided. The probate process helps resolve all claims of debts owed by the decedent and the distribution of assets.

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